Instant brings you the best of December

Instant brings you the best of December

Panini Instant has arrived on Dunk! Panini Instant brings the latest NBA action straight to your card collections! Panini Instant inserts feature significant moments, great plays and outstanding performances from throughout the season.

Panini Instant cards are also available in physical form through the Panini American website. You can get the physical versions of the Panini Instant trading cards by going to the Panini Instant website ( and ordering there!

For our Dunk Digital fans, every week we will release new cards featuring outstanding performances and moments from the NBA.

This week Instant looks back at the best moments from December this season.

Each Instant insert contains a 3x Contest Scoring Bonus for eligible players. Some cards also feature a Signature Variation which contains a 10x Contest Scoring Bonus!

The Panini Instant Best of December release includes the following 16 cards. 15 of the December Instant cards also feature a Signature Variation:

  1. Donovan Mitchell – Scores career-high 41 points
  2. Devin Booker – Drops 46 in road win
  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo – Records 3rd 40-point game of the season
  4. Bradley Beal – Explodes for a career-high 51 points
  5. Brandon Ingram/Lonzo Ball – Lakers youngsters shine in Philly
  6. James Harden/Chris Paul – Rockets backcourt fuels victory
  7. Kristaps Porzingis – Powers Knicks to win
  8. Russell Westbrook – Powers Thunder in Triple-OT thriller
  9. Kobe Bryant – Lakers deal Bryant a rare honor
  10. Kyle Kuzma – Powers Lakers with career-high 38 points
  11. Jordan Bell – Records first career double-double
  12. Lonzo Ball/Kyle Kuzma – Lakers youth dazzles against NBA Champs
  13. Rajon Rondo – Dishes career-best 25 assists
  14. Lauri Markkanen – Scores a career-high 32 points
  15. Dennis Smith Jr. – Records his first career triple-double
  16. Stephen Curry – Lights up the scoreboard in return

Instant cards are available for 1 week only! They will be in the following packs and will expire on 2/14/2018 at 1pm EST:

  • Instant December Pack – 1000 coins – 1 guaranteed random Instant Card and a 1:25 chance for an Instant Signature
  • Instant December VIP Pack – 2000 coins – 1 guaranteed Instant Card PLUS 1 Instant Signature per pack! Plus a 1:10 chance for a second Instant Base or Signature.

To gain VIP status and access the Dunk VIP Store, just make any coin purchase in the Dunk Coin Store. VIP store access is based on the amount of coins purchased. Visit the coin store for details!