3 New National Treasures Logoman


DeMar derozan, isaiah thomas & devin booker

One of the biggest sets every year from they physical National Treasures Set has just gone digital for Dunk! The Veteran Logoman Signature set has arrived! These National Treasures Veteran Logoman Signatures are one of the most limited sets we have ever offered on Dunk! ONLY 5 OF EACH LOGOMAN SIGNATURE WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE! Veteran Logman Signatures features only the top NBA players in the league as well as retired greats. Veteran Logoman Signatures is a 24 card set plus one reward card for those that are able to complete the set by the reward deadline. 3 National Treasures Logoman Signatures will be released every 4 days. Once the new cards release, the previous ones will be retired.

Today’s National Treasures Logoman Signatures feature: DeMar DeRozan, Isaiah Thomas & Devin Booker

The Veteran Logoman inserts can be found in the following packs:

  • Logoman Pack – 250 coins1:250 chance of getting a Veteran Logoman Insert
  • Logoman Premium Pack – $49.99 USDGuarantees ONE Veteran Logoman Insert along with National Treasures Base Cards!

Making any coin purchase in the coin store will grant VIP access for 24 hours.

If you can collect all 24 National Treasures Logoman Signature cards you will receive a special Anthony Davis Veteran Logoman Signature Reward card. The deadline for completing the set is 6/16/17 at 2pm EST. Please note that a maximum of one reward card will be given per account..