Jusuf Nurkic Global Reach


Jusuf nurkic

Our newest NBA physical brand is now available digitally! Dunk collectors can now chase Aficionado digital cards! Global Reach is our latest set that pays tribute to the Aficionado brand! The Global Reach set features NBA players from around the globe that give the NBA a unique international flavor. Global Reach is a 15 card set plus one reward card for completing the set by the reward deadline. A new card will release every 48 hours. Once a new card releases, the previous one will be retired.

Today’s Global Reach insert features – Jusuf Nurkic

The Global Reach inserts can only be found in the following packs:

  • Global Reach Pack – 100 coins – 1:10 chance of pulling a Global Reach Insert
  • Global Reach VIP Pack – 100 coins with VIP Access – VIP REDUCED ODDS! 1:5 chance of pulling a Global Reach Insert
  • VIP All-Access Pack – 100 coins with VIP Access – 1:10 chance of pulling a Global Reach Insert

Making any coin purchase in the coin store will grant VIP access for 24 hours.

If you can collect all 15 Global Reach cards you will receive a special Giannis Antetetokounmpo Reward card. The deadline for completing the set is 5/18/17 at 9pm EST. Please note that a maximum of one reward card in a specific variation will be given per account..