Weekly Almanac Playoffs Edition



**Update – Now You Can Get Even More Almanac Cards in each Weekly Almanac pack!**

Want to get a fresh look at your favorite NBA stars weekly? You can get it right here on Dunk with our Weekly Almanac set! Dunk will be bringing you new cards weekly and showcasing players from every team from NBA games that week! Every week we will release 60 new cards showcasing two players from each team from their games that week. All season long you can follow along and get brand new cards of top NBA stars and rookies. Weekly Almanac cards will be available throughout the week until the next set of Weekly Almanac cards release. Once a new week releases, the previous week’s cards will be retired.

Weekly Almanac cards can be found in the following packs:

  • Weekly Almanac Pack – 100 coins – Now includes 5 Weekly Almanac Cards!
  • Weekly Almanac VIP Jumbo Pack – 100 coins with VIP Access – Now includes 10 Weekly Almanac Cards!

As noted above, there will now be 60 new cards a week rather than the 90 previously released. We will also be updating the set with new players starting next week and throughout the rest of the season.