A Duet of Pacers


Paul George & Monta Ellis


Our latest Duets insert is now available! Duets Memorabilia pairs up NBA superstars from various teams around the league. Duets showcases 15 pairs of players along with 1 reward card for collecting a specific variation of the set. A new card will release every 48 hours and once a new card releases, the previous one will be retired.

Duets are available in 3 variations – Silver Jersey, Gold Prime, and Tie Dye Tag (each available for 48 hours)

Today’s Duets Feature – Paul George and Monta Ellis

06A_14528_8F132_SelectDuet_DI 06A_14528_8F132_SelectDuet_DI_Gold 06A_14528_8F132_SelectDuet_DI_Tag

The Duets Memorabilia Cards can found in the following packs:

  • Duets Pack – 100 coins – 1:50 chance at a Jersey and 1:100 chance at Prime
  • Duets VIP Pack – 100 coins with VIP Access – 1:25 chance at a Jersey, 1:50 chance at Prime, and 1:250 chance at a Tag
  • Duets Premium Pack – $19.99 – Each pack contains all 3 of that day’s card – Jersey, Prime and Tag

Making any coin purchase in the coin store will grant VIP access for 24 hours.

If you can collect all 15 Duets cards in a specific variation you will receive a special Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson REWARD card in the matching variation. The deadline for completing the set is 4/25/17 at 5pm EST. Please note that a maximum of one reward card in a specific variation will be given per account..

16A_14528_8F132_SelectDuet_DI 16A_14528_8F132_SelectDuet_DI_Gold 16A_14528_8F132_SelectDuet_DI_Tag