Hakeem Olajuwon & Shaquille O’Neal Counterparts


Hakeem Olajuwon & Shaquille Oneal


***Today’s Counterparts will be available at 2pm EST***

Limited week continues on Dunk with our latest Limited set –  Counterparts. The Counterparts set pairs up two stars on one card! Look for dynamic duos from both the past and present with each release. Every three days we will release one new Counterparts card. Counterparts cards are available in 3 versions – Bronze, Silver and Emerald. Bronze Counterparts will be available for 72 hours and will retire once the next cards in the set releases. Silver Counterparts will be limited to 100 and remain available until all Silver inserts have been pulled. Emerald Counterparts will be limited to 50 and available until all Emerald inserts have been pulled.

Today’s Counterparts duo features – Hakeem Olajuwon & Shaquille O’Neal 

03A_14314_8F127_Counte_DI_BRZ 03A_14314_8F127_Counte_DI_P 03A_14314_8F127_Counte_DI_E

The Counterparts can found in the following packs:

  • Counterparts Pack – 100 coins – Bronze 1:10, Silver 1:25 and Green 1:50 on average
  • Counterparts VIP Pack – 100 coins – Bronze 1:5, Silver 1:10 and Green 1:25 on average
  • VIP All-Access Pack – 100 coins – Bronze 1:10, Silver 1:25 and Green 1:50 on average

If you can collect all 10 Counterparts cards in a specific variation you will receive a special Russell Westbrook & Kevin Durant Counterparts REWARD card in the matching variation. The deadline for completing the set is 3/29/17 at 7pm EST. Please note that a maximum of one reward card in a specific variation will be given per account..

11A_14314_8F127_Counte_DI_BRZ 11A_14314_8F127_Counte_DI_P 11A_14314_8F127_Counte_DI_E