Durant and Wiggins have No Limit


andrew wiggins & kevin durant


Another popular physical brand has arrived in digital format for Dunk! In the upcoming week we will be releasing various new inserts from the Limited brand. It begins with today’s release, No Limit! This set will consist of 14 NBA superstars who truly have No Limits. Every 48 hours we will release two new No Limit cards. While the players may have no limit, these cards will be limited to the number of cards pulled in 48 hours. Once a new pair is released, the previous No Limit cards will be retired and no longer available.

Today’s No Limit cards feature – Kevin Durant & Andrew Wiggins

07A_14311_8F124_NoLimit_DI 08A_14311_8F124_NoLimit_DI

The No Limit inserts can only be found in the following packs:

  • No Limit Pack – 100 coins – Find No Limit Inserts – 1:10 packs on average
  • VIP All-Access Pack – 100 coins – Find No Limit Inserts – 1:10 packs on average

Collectors that are able to collect all 14 No Limit inserts will receive a special Russell Westbrook Reward Card. Please note only one reward set for a specific color will be given per account.  The reward deadline is 3/110/17 at 4pm EST