Chuck Person Gold Scripts


chuck Person


Our Gold Standard theme continues with our newest set, Gold Scripts! Gold Scripts features signatures of 15 NBA greats from the past and present. Gold Scripts is a 15 card set with a new card released every 48 hours. Once a new player is released, the previous card will be retired and no longer available.

The Gold Scripts set consists of the following players:

  1. Yao Ming – Sold Out
  2. Jusuf Nurkic – Sold Out
  3. Jordan Clarkson – Sold Out
  4. Vince Carter – Sold Out
  5. Michael Carter-Williams – Sold Out
  6. Joel Embiid – Sold Out
  7. Earl Monroe – Sold Out
  8. Kevin McHale – Sold Out
  9. Paul Millsap – Sold Out
  10. Shawn Kemp – Sold Out
  11. Chuck Person – AVAILABLE NOW!
  12. Gail Goodrich
  13. Calvin Murphy
  14. Sean Elliott
  15. Latrell Sprewell

The Gold Scripts inserts can only be found in the following packs:

  • Gold Scripts Pack – 100 coins – Find Gold Scripts Inserts – 1:50 packs on average
  • Gold Scripts VIP Pack – 100 coins – Find Gold Scripts Inserts – 1:25 packs on average
  • VIP All-Access Pack – 100 coins – Find Gold Scripts Inserts – 1:50 packs on average

Collectors that are able to collect all 15 Gold Scripts inserts will receive a special Scottie Pippen Reward Card. Please note only one reward set for a specific color will be given per account.  The reward deadline is 3/12/17 at 4pm EST