Introducing Gold Standard Dual Rookie Jersey

Dual Rookie jersey Signature


One of our newest sets is our Gold Standard Dual Rookie Jersey Signature set. Starting 01/30/17 we will release one player every day for 15 days. Look for Dual Jersey Sigantures along with Prime & Laundry Tag versions of each card. Each card features some of the most sought after Rookies this year in the NBA. The chase will end on 02/13/17 so make sure you get your inserts while you can!

Each Dual Jersey Signature card will be available for just 24 hours. The Prime versions will be limited to just 75 copies and available until sold out. The Tag variations will be limited to just 25 copies each! Jersey and Prime versions can be found in standard packs while Tag variations are exclusive to VIP and Premium packs only!

Today’s Dual Rookie Jersey Signature is: Jakob Poeltl

01A_13914_8F119_RookJerDou_DI_Prime 01A_13914_8F119_RookJerDou_DI_Tag

You can find Dual Rookie Jersey cards only in these packs:

  • Dual Rookie Jersey – 500 coins –  Look for Dual Rookie Jersey inserts. Jersey 1:10, Prime 1:25 packs on average.
  • Dual Rookie Jersey VIP Pack – 500 coins – Look for Dual Rookie Jersey inserts. Jersey 1:5, Prime  1:25 and Laundry Tags 1:50 packs on average.
  • Dual Rookie Jersey Premium Pack – $9.99 – 2 Dual Rookie Jersey inserts guaranteed. Jersey 1:1, Prime  1:1 and Laundry Tags 1:5 packs on average.

Collectors that are able to collect all 15 Dual Rookie Jerseys in a specific variant by 2/13/17 5pm EST will receive a Signature Reward Cards of Dario Saric in that matching variation! For example, collecting all 15 Dual Rookie Tags will earn you the Dario Saric Dual Tag Signature Reward. Please note only one reward set for a specific set will be given per account.  The reward deadline is 2/18/17 at 5pm EST

16A_13914_8F119_RookJerDou_DI_Stand 16A_13914_8F119_RookJerDou_DI_Prime16A_13914_8F119_RookJerDou_DI_Tag