Damian Lillard Explosion


Damian Lillard


One of our biggest Panini physical brands is going digital! Prizm has come to Dunk! And we are starting it off with an Explosion….literally. The Explosion set is a 10 card set that features the NBA’s top stars in spectacular fashion. Explosion inserts come in three variations – Silver, Blue and Red:

08a_13125_8f60_prizmexpl_di_silver 08a_13125_8f60_prizmexpl_di_blue 08a_13125_8f60_prizmexpl_di_red

By collecting all three colors of a player by the specified deadline, collectors will receive a special Gold Explosion Reward card of that player! .


Today’s Explosion insert is: Damian Lillard and the deadline for the Gold Reward is 5pm EST on December 2nd.

Explosion inserts can only be found in the following packs:

  • Prizm Explosion pack – 100 Coins – Silver 1:10, Blue 1:20, and Red 1:30 packs on average
  • VIP All-Access Pack – 100 Coins – Silver 1:10, Blue 1:20, and Red 1:30 packs on average
  • Prizm Explosion VIP Reduced Odds pack – 100 Coins – Silver 1:5, Blue 1:10, and Red 1:15 packs on average

To gain access to the Explosion VIP or All-Access VIP packs, make any coin package purchase in the Coin Store! Your VIP status will last 24 hours after your purchase.

Not only will there be a Gold Rewad for each card released. there will also be rewards for collecting the entire 10 card set in a specific color. By collecting all 10 Explosion cards in a specific color by 5pm EST on December 9th, you’ll receive a special Anthony Davis Signature Explosion Reward in that matching variant. For example, collecting all 10 Blue Explosion cards will earn you the Blue Explosion Anthony Davis Reward! Please note a maximum of 1 Reward Card for each color will be given per account.

11a_13125_8f60_prizmexpl_di_silver_sig 11a_13125_8f60_prizmexpl_di_blue_sig 11a_13125_8f60_prizmexpl_di_red_sig 11a_13125_8f60_prizmexpl_di_gold_sig