Tristan Thompson is Eternal


Tristan Thompson


Today marks the newest addition to the Eternal Collection, Tristan Thompson. Our latest card highlight’s the Cleveland Cavailiers NBA Champion. The unique physical cards which also feature pieces of his NBA Finals Game Worn Jersey will be available to order on the Panini Eternal website ( for just 48 hours.

For our Dunk Digital fans, we are also providing special digital variations of the cards for Dunk! Collectors will be able to chase the Eternal Insert along with special Memorabilia versions within the APP! Like the physical cards, these cards will only be available for 48 hours!

Today’s Eternal digital cards will only be available in Dunk in the following packs until 3pm EST 9/30/2016:

  • Eternal Coin Pack – 100 Coins – 1:25 odds on average to pull an Eternal Base Insert
  • Eternal Memorabilia Pack – $9.99USD – 1 guaranteed Panini Eternal insert PLUS 1 Eternal Memorabilia Insert per pack – Memorabilia card available ONLY in this pack


New Panini Eternal products will be offered throughout the year. Look for exclusive memorabilia and signature variations in the future as well!

Remember, you can also own the physical versions of these trading cards by going to the Panini Eternal website ( !.