The Journey Card 10




The second player from our six player The Journey set is Tim Duncan. Each player in the set will have 15 cards highlighting top moments from their career. Collectors that can collect all 15 will receive a special Memorabilia Reward card of that particular player. Once the Tim Duncan Journey ends, a new player’s Journey will begin!

Our next Journey takes us through the career of Tim Duncan!

Today’s card – Most Career Playoff Blocks

A new Journey insert will release every 2 days. Once a new Journey insert releases, the previous card will be retired and no longer available. If you can collect all 15 cards in the set, you will receive this special Memorabilia Reward card! Please note there is a limit of 1 reward per account.

  1. 1st Overall Pick – SOLD OUT – 145 count
  2. Rookie of the Year – SOLD OUT – 156 count
  3. First NBA Title and Finals MVP – SOLD OUT – 118 count
  4. First All-Star Game – SOLD OUT – 86 count
  5. First League MVP Award – SOLD OUT – 91 count
  6. Back-to-Back League MVP – SOLD OUT – 97 count
  7. 2nd NBA Title and Finals MVP – SOLD OUT – 77 count
  8. 3rd NBA Title and Finals MVP – SOLD OUT – 87 count
  9. 4th NBA Title – SOLD OUT
  10. Most Career Playoff Blocks – AVAILABLE NOW!