Exclusive National Pride Set Offer!

Exclusive National Pride Red Set Offer!


Team USA Basketball once again brought home the Gold this summer! We’re commemorating the victory with a brand new exclusive Red, White and Blue version of the popular National Pride set. This 11 card set is available only in the Dunk Store via the National Pride Red Pack. Each pack will contain the COMPLETE 11 card set including the extremely rare Kevin Durant card which was available only as a Reward in the original National Pride sets! These packs will only be available for 1 week. Once the packs have expired, the National Pride inserts will be retired forever!

Here are the 11 digital cards that will be included in every National Pride Red Pack:

01_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red  02_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red  03_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red

04_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red  05_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red  06_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red

07_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red  08_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red  09_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red

10_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red  11_12486_8F40_NationPrid_DI_Red