Blake Griffin National Treasures at 11am EST


Blake Griffin


*****UPDATE***** – The Blake Griffin National Treasure will be available at 11am EST

One of the biggest Panini brand names has made it’s way to Dunk! Today we’re excited to bring you the Dunk latest National Treasures insert! These amazing cards feature the top players from the past, present and future of the NBA. The National Treasures cards will be some of the most limited cards available in Dunk. There will be no more than 49 of each card produced.

There are two ways to get a National Treasures insert:

  • National Treasures Pack –  500 coins per pack. 1:20 odds on average
  • National Treasures Premium Pack – 7500 coins per pack. 1 guaranteed NT insert

There will be a limit of one Premium Pack per account. Once all 49 cards of a player are pulled the packs will be marked as Sold Out until the next player is released.  A new card will release every 48 hours. If less than 49 of a player are pulled during the 48 hour window, however many cards have been pulled will be the card count for that card. For example, if only 37 John Wall National Treasures cards are pulled when the next card releases, the John Wall NT card count will remain at 37.

Today’s National Treasure insert is: Blake Griffin

There will be 10 cards in the National Treasures Set:

  1. John Stockton – Sold Out – 49 count
  2. Allen Iverson – Sold Out – 49 count
  3. Scottie Pippen – Sold Out – 49 count
  4. Dirk Nowitzki – Sold Out – 49 count
  5. D’Angelo Russell – Sold Out – 49 count
  6. David Robinson – Sold Out – 49 count
  7. Hakeem Olajuwon – Sold Out – 49 count
  8. John Wall – Sold Out – 49 count
  9. Kristaps Porzingis – Sold Out – 49 count
  10. Blake Griffin

If you can collect all 10 by 11:59 pm EST on 8/1/2016, you will receive the extremely limited Karl-Anthony Towns National Treasures Rookie Reward Card! Good luck!