Curry Season Highlight




It was an amazing 2015-16 NBA Season and we have the cards to prove it! Season Highlights is our newest Dunk Insert Set. Relive the best moments from the entire season. Every 3 days a new Season Highlight card will be released. Once a new Season Highlight card is released, the previous one will be retired. If you can collect all 15 Season Highlight cards, you will receive a special Golden State Warriors Reward Card!

Your Season Highlights include:

  1. Klay Thompson – Retired
  2. Tim Duncan – Retired
  3. Stephen Curry – Retired
  4. LeBron James – Retired
  5. Anthony Davis – Retired
  6. Stephen Curry – Retired
  7. Russell Westbrook – Retired
  8. Jimmy Butler – Retired
  9. James Harden – Retired
  10. Karl-Anthony Towns – Retired
  11. Dwyane Wade – Retired
  12. Kobe Bryant – Retired
  13. Dirk Nowitzki – Retired
  14. Stephen Curry
  15. DeMarcus Cousins

Today’s Season Highlight insert features – Stephen Curry

Season Highlight inserts can only be found in the Season Highlights Packs in the Dunk Store. Odds of pulling a Season Highlights insert is 1:15 packs on average.