Carmelo Authentic Threads




Today we’re happy to introduce our newest Authentic Threads insert. Authentic Threads comes in two variations, Silver Threads and Gold Prime. Authentic Threads inserts can only be found in the Authentic Threads packs in the Dunk Store. Each Authentic Threads Silver card is limited to just 500 copies each, while the Gold Prime Variation is limited to only 100 copies!  A new Authentic Threads insert will be released every 3 days at 11am EST. There are 10 total cards in the Authentic Threads Set:

  1. Kawhi Leonard
  2. James Harden
  3. Kevin Durant
  4. DeMarcus Cousins
  5. Stephen Curry
  6. Damian Lillard
  7. Paul George
  8. Carmelo Anthony
  9. Anthony Davis
  10. Kobe Bryant

By collecting all 10 cards in one variation, you’ll also receive the LeBron James Authentic Threads Reward Card in the matching variation!

Today’s Authentic Threads insert is: Carmelo Anthony

Odds of pulling an Authentic Threads insert from Authentic Threads packs are:

  • Threads Silver – 1:25 packs on average.
  • Gold Prime – 1:50 packs on average