Silver Rated Rookie Reward Set Deadline Tomorrow

RATED ROOKIE Silver REWARDS Deadline Tomorrow


Tomorrow (5/31/16 @ 11:59 pm est) will be your last chance to finish your Rated Rookie sets to receive the special 5 card Silver Rated Rookie Reward Set! To help collectors earn their Silver Reward Set, we reduced the odds for Rated Rookies in the Dunk, Dunk Super, Prestige and Prestige Super packs:

Odds of pulling Rated Rookies will now be:

  • Dunk Pack 1:5 packs (was 1:10)
  • Dunk Super Pack 1:3 packs (was 1:5)
  • Prestige Pack 1:4 packs (was 1:6)
  • Prestige Super Pack 1:2 packs (was 1:4)

Don’t forget to try the Trade Pool as well if you need to finish your set!