Final Ring Bearer Insert is Magic


Magic Johnson


Our Ring Bearers Signatures set features players from the past and present who have won it all and now own their own Championship Rings. There are 15 total players in the set and each card in the set is limited to just 500 copies!  The following players make up the Ring Bearers set:

  1. Klay Thompson
  2. Tony Parker
  3. Joe Dumars
  4. Dwyane Wade
  5. Robert Horry
  6. Jason Terry
  7. David Robinson
  8. Kevin McHale
  9. Bill Laimbeer
  10. Gary Payton
  11. Sean Elliott
  12. James Michael McAdoo
  13. Rick Fox
  14. Danny Green
  15. Magic Johnson

By collecting all 15 cards by June 8th (11:59 pm EST), you’ll also receive the Kobe Bryant Ring Bearers Signature Reward Card!

A new Ring Bearers Signature card will be available every 3 days. Today’s Ring Bearers Signature card features Danny Green.

Ring Bearers Signature inserts can only be found in the Ring Bearers packs. The odds of pulling a Ring Bearers insert are 1:60 packs.